The set "BIO-SPH- neutralizer transformer" simultaneously extends protection against electro-magnetic natural and artificial sources of radiation, accessible for technically measurable perception, micro-ennobling of the space which makes it pleasant and enjoyable to stay and depolarizing affect on radiations after which they are no longer capable of depolarizing cells with serious consequences.
Guarantee and confirmation of the positive effect of BIO-SPH are more than 2300 families in Macedonia and neighbouring countries who use it in their working and living environment.
BIO-SPH protects at the same time the air in a number of office and business buildings in the country:
1. Parliament of RM
2. Government of RM
3. Ministry of Finance
4. Ministry of Economy
5. Ministry of Education and Science
6. Employment Bureau
7. Privatization Agency
8. AMS
9. Fersped
10. Hotel “°leksandar Palace”
11. Hotel“Holiday Inn”
12. G.P.Mavrovo
13. G.P.Beton
14. Toplifikacija (Central Heating Company)
15. Euro banka
16. Stopanska banka
17. Makedonska banka
18. Banka za razvoj (development)
19. Vet. Institute
20. Geriatrics Hospital
21. OU “D.Hadzi Dimov”(elementary school)
22. Inforpress - Skopje
23. PTT
24. Customs Head Administration
25. Bureau for Protection of Industrial Property
26. Agency for Protection of Copy Rights
28. ¼inistry of Transport
29. Swedish Consulate
30. Macedonian Archepiscopy
31. OSCE
32. Mlekara Buchim, Kumanovo (Diary Plant)
and many other governmental and non governmental organizations in and out of the country.
BIO SPH protects animals in the farms of Macedonia:
1. Trubarevo
2. Petrovec
3. Radobor, Bitola
4. Veterinary Institute, Skopje