Danger from the Earth’s radiation exists from the very beginning of creation of life, including men.
In some cases human were not in position to decide on the threatening dangers e.g. earthquakes, magnetic inversions, solar storms and other global eco-disasters. But in some other cases, knowing potential dangers was crucial for man’s survival. When able to foresee them in time, he was able to escape. One of these dangers was electro magnetic radiation, of whose existence and damage, man became aware of a long time ago.
Human mistakes and ignorance for millenniums had far-reaching consequences for life and health. Life experience, natural instinct and tragedies that were happening to man, led to awareness of the existence of the invisible killer-the radiation. He started looking for sounder locations to settle on. At first, he used instincts and sensibility of the animals. He was following herds of horses or sheep in order to find out where they would choose a place to rest and sleep over. He then selected the same location to settle down.
He would also keep a herd of sheep on a pre-selected location for a year and then slaughtered them for food. He would most seriously and thoroughly study their belly. Depending how sound it seemed, he would decide if the same location can be chosen for final settlement or not.
The old Romans believed that every location has its own spirit (spiritus loci). They came to the conclusion that on some locations people would more often get sick or die and that on others people would usually feel sounder and had longevity. They believed that the location itself with its spirit is the one to give good health, life and happiness i.e. that can take them away if haunted by evil spirit (radiation zone). Old Pharaohs and other priests were able to detect radiation. It is being confirmed by the discovered artefacts which they had used, found inside the pyramids and in old tombs. Three radioestesic tilts were found:
- “Izis”, who was named after the old goddess of love Izide;
- “Ozyris”, who was named after the god of afterlife and
- “Karnak”, named after the old Egyptian town of Karnaka.
These exhibits show that ancient people had their ways of detecting radiation.
It is further confirmed by the picture from the 18th century, showing detection and excavation of underground ores and minerals. Some inscriptions are also found going back to 2590 BC, fig 1.

Fig. 1. Ancient methods and devices for detecting electromagnetic radiation


New technical devices and methods for the detection of electromagnetic radiation, fig 2.


Fig. 2 New methods itehnichka equipment to detect electromagnetic radiation


Ancient researchers of ores
It is one more proof that the ancient people were aware of the presence of radiation and confronted it in the safest way through selection of sound environment for living. This method (science) of detection is called radioesthesy, the devices are called radioesthesical devices, while the people who carry out this job are called radioestesists. The very name radioestesy derives from the Latin word radiare- radiate and the Greek word aisthanomai-to feel/ sense, which means that the detection by means of radioestesic devices is made through human body, i.e. human electromagnetic field, known as aura.
"Soncev Zrak" has carried out a number of scientific projects on this issue, part of them can be seen in Research. One of these projects was to detect electromagnetic field in old urban settlements and on locations where there used to be churches and monasteries. The project was run and managed by Dr. Stojan Velkoski.
Today, the man is attacked by another very powerful radiation source, i.e. the artificial one. More on this you will find in Types. More detailed information on non-ionic radiations find on the web site:



Thanks to its geomagnetic field, the Earth is surrounded by ionosphere. The ionosphere is a layer of diluted ionized gasses with high concentration of ions and free electrons, which might be found in the height of 50-70 km to 400-450 km from the Earth atmosphere. The ionosphere absorbs ultraviolet and X rays from the Sun and other cosmic radiation sources. Without the ionosphere and the ozone layer, the lethal cosmic radiations would destroy every living being on Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field or the geo-magnetic field is very weak and its relative value is E=130 V/m for the electric field and H=40 A/m for the magnetic field. But its role for the whole live world is very significant. The geomagnetic field around the Earth is the height of about ten thousands kilometers. It was proved in the last ten years that the magnetic field is constantly changing in periods. The researches show that the north and south magnetic pole have interchanged, i.e. that the compass needle instead of pointing to the north showed south. This change is called inversion.
In the last 10 million years, 9 such inversions happened and the last was 600-700 thousand years ago. After each inversion the magnetic field reduced for about three times, but the assumption is that the reduction might be even bigger.


Once the magnetic field has been reduced three times, one can assume that the cosmic sources of radiation would be more lethal.
Inter alia, normal biological development would be disturbed, which would question survival of the whole living world on planet Earth.
80 million years ago due to the inversion which happened on the geomagnetic field, the largest representative of the live world of that time, the Dinosaur, was extinguished. That caused disappearance of other live and vegetative world. It is assumed that the reason lies in stronger radiation from the Sun and the Space, hundred times fiercer than normal, and the ice period that followed as a result of inversions. The Russian peninsula Kamchatka has a river by the same name. A huge graveyard is found down the river valley with hundreds of mammoth, about 5 m high. It indicates that in the ice era the thick layers of ice in lower places, made the northern elephants gather in search of food and warmth and wait for their end together.
It points to several factors affecting the Earth. E.g. radiations, i.e. eras, change of the atmosphere composition etc. They all led to mass extinguishment of some types of animals and vegetative worlds million years before us.
Humankind is part of the nature, its life depends on functioning of natural systems.
According to some researches, done by Dr. Stojan Velkoski from "Soncev Zrak", the disturbed geoelectromagnetic field has quite harmful effect on all living beings including humans.