As well known, the electric processes in a live organism play an important role and point at deviation and disturbance of various cell structures.
Each deviation or disturbance of bio-elementary standards on a cell level represents a positive sign of disturbed cell function.
In order for a cell to function, it should have a minimum of 60 microelements and more than 100.000 enzyme molecules, enabling 2000 biochemical reactions to take place, energetic or similar, happening at a precisely determined order.
During these electromagnetic reactions an electromagnetic field is created. In the course of protein synthesis (since same molecules are connected), a homogenous electromagnetic field is created, in which negative charge is present. As by a rule, with all equal cells, we find certain charges which can be exactly determined. It is also known that some organs have a property to sediment certain ions, eg. Thyroidea –iodine, kidneys-cadmium, retina-barium etc.
Oxydo-reduction processes take place in the cells- which is ensuring energy at which the basic energetic material is adenozyn-three-phosphate (ATP).
The biological cell membrane is a basic regulatory and functional part of the cell. Inside are the main mechanisms to transform and transmit the electric micro energy from chemical into electrical. It is a so called receptory potential. During these processes electromagnetic fields are created around the cell.
In this case, normal dynamics of inter-transforming of energies is accompanied with appearance of appropriate electromagnetic fields, characterized by a morpho-biological – genetically conditioned fields of the same cell of each organ. Based on this is the thesis that man should be considered as fundamental, natural, energetic functional completed model composed of a number of bio-elements. They are in a perfect co-relation with the biologic processes and direct the synthesis of life cells.
In these processes basic matters are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (in which are built calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium and many oligo elements). The most significant is that one and the same element has various intermediary and functional effect, depending on how they are structured.
For instance, the oligo element zinc, has a role in functioning of the sex glands, growing up, development and in the metabolism of the carbon hydrogen.
Cobalt plays a role in forming of blood elements and affects growing and development as well as creation of some hormones. The copper also plays a role in oxydo-reductive processes and in maintaining the vitamin balance in organisms. These examples are suggested in order to realize the importance of oligoelements for cells’ life. In our cells there are about 50 oligoelements.
It is evident from what was said that each deviation or disturbance of these bio-elements in the organism will lead to disturbance of the energetic balance and of the oxydo reductive processes in cells, and thus disturb the cell membrane function. This will further cause the cell to lose capacity to convert the chemical energy into electrical.
The statement can be made based on aforesaid that if cells are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, certain disruption to oxydo reductive processes will be caused, and it will further prevent processes of synthesis and normal obtainment of energy in the course of the cell metabolism.
The electromagnetic radiations have a powerfully expressed depolarizing power over the cell membrane. The result is a disturbed intercellular collaboration, which can cause severe and heavy diseases.
From what we know from specialized literature, based on experiments and clinical monitoring, the electromagnetic radiations disturb the functions of the supporting-moving apparatus, nervous system and internal organs.

From the medical point of view, the malignant sickness represents organic disease whose cause most frequently is sought in genetic predisposition or stress. Modern medicine does its best to diagnose and to improve the methods of treatment of this increasingly frequent lethal disease, which does not choose age nor gender.
“Soncev Zrak” has worked many years to find out the cause of this extremely serious threat to mankind. The threat becomes even greater if we think about the way we live, everyday exposure to technical, underground, cosmic radiations.
For that purpose “Soncev Zrak” has worked on some scientific projects, covering living premises of about 10.000 people - houses and individual objects. Researches have shown that just those locations, especially bedrooms of the patients or diseased, were in the geo-pathogenic and cosmic electromagnetic field, especially bedrooms of the sick or deceased. At the same time it was noted that other family members, who moved houses earlier in their life, lived long and healthy life and the researches had shown that they lived in safe locations.
The results from the researches support the modern medical thesis that besides genetic predisposition as a cause of malignant diseases, great role have other factors too.
Further research has been done on more objects, skyscrapers, with half of them in the safe zone and half in fields of strong geo-pathogenic and cosmic electromagnetic rays.
Results show:
The safe vertical records 2 to 5 deaths as a result of aging or by accident. No malignant diseases. In the other verticals that were within mentioned radiation fields, there are cases of tens of malignant diseases. The tenants in the two verticals are not genetically connected i.e. family, but the difference in health status between the two verticals is more than obvious.
More similar objects have been monitored and the results are almost identical. The results obtained from the research confirm our new thesis that malignancy in high percentage is due to the presence of electromagnetic fields and radiations.
The new thesis is confirmed by statistical data from about 10.000 people, which can be seen in charts (click here) (statistics)
Research has been carried out on animals on farms, such as the research on the farm “Trubarevo”. Cows on cow farms exposed to electromagnetic natural increased fields, got sick and died of malignant diseases in most cases. The research shows that genetic predispositions do not solely account for malignant diseases, nor stress or food, although choice of food as well as psychological stress can to a great extent affect health.
The bad effect of these sources on animals may be seen from the reference results from cattle farms (click here).

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