BIO-SPH is a technical solution made of: printed circuit 8 x 8 cm with 24 carat gold plating, on which precisely mounted are specific holders, representing the basic skeleton of the device. On the skeleton are precisely mounted joints of: holders, resonators, antenna resonators, dipole antennas, induction antenna transmitters, condensing systems, closed induction resonators, forged closed silencers and combined forged electro-elements in forms of chips.

All the composition elements are made of natural non-ionizing material. Special technology applied- 85% of the elements have been specifically constructed for BIO SPH and cannot be found in shops. They are mounted by specially trained experts from the institute. The device BIO-SPH, made of specific elements altogether operating harmoniously and forming a whole unit, use the constant geomagnetic field as its own programme to function.
Part of the mentioned elements are fastened on the body (chassis) of the device and so the device very sensitive to mechanical damages. The chassis i.e. the protective box, is made from perforated plastics which gives the necessary robustness-firmness of the device. The external part of the protective box is plated in decorative natural wood. Coated with natural protective coating of high quality resins, with no harmful effect on the environment. The protective box colour is natural, i.e. colour of the wood. On the wooden plate of BIO SPH imprinted is the trademark with a seal at 230°C, which fits very well the whole outfit of the device. Special attention is paid to the shape of the protective box, not very striking in the setting, easy and simple to handle and with no negative micro effects in the surrounding.
The form of BIO-SPH as a geometric body has certain positive micro effects for the live world in the space.

The form, colour and material have been positively assessed both by experts in Feng Shui (as given in the certificates).
No danger of mechanical injury from BIO SPH.
The composition of the device leads us to conclude that it has no negative effect on the environment. The same was confirmed by the expert opinion of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, a number of certificates, attests, scientific works and international recognitions.

Fixing: BIO-SPH is fastened laterally against a wall by means of a steel nail, supplied with the device. Recommendable is to mount it on the south or west wall of the room, or on any side in the height of 1,5 m from the floor.
Remark: BIO-SPH 11 has function for one room in radius of 7 m without barriers walls.
Size: 120x120x90 mm
weight: 215 gr.
price: 488 euro
BIO-SPH 12 is mounted on platform, is movable and is placed simple on table, glass-case, bureau, on the floor e.t.c in open place. Contrasting with the other type, this type act protectivly trought walls in radius of about 10 m.
size: 150x150x200 mm
weight: 520 gr.
price: 850 euro

The warranty period for BIOP SPH is 5 years, while servicing can be extended over a period of at least 10 years. The users can unrestrictedly check the functionality of BIO-SPH free of charge with the representatives, only paying for the cost of transport (mail). If in the period of 5 years, reduced effects of the devices are established, they will be immediately replaced by new ones, free of charge. It is recommended to check once a year or when necessary, the operability of the device: if it should fall down or is mechanically injured, by shaking it gently to see if some noise is heard from the inside, characteristic of a fault. It might be that some of the elements fell off their places thus pushing other precise elements, which results in malfunction of BIO-SPH.
It can be replaced by a new device at supplement charges of 10 % + transport costs. If the set is open by force, the warranty and servicing period are no longer valid. The only competent authority to judge and control the operability of the devices are:
a) producer
b) legal representative
Each abuse or misuse is subject to liability.