Quantum physics researchers the smallest physical entity that exists. For example, the photon is a quant, that is, an electromagnetic interaction. This energy, although hardly accessible to perception and measuring, is still able to influence human organism, health, people’s general health condition as well as the other life-sustaining processes

The influence of that energy is negative and can be generated by people, leaving the following consequences:

- Strong emotional effects accompanied by physical and spiritual pain,

- Deliberately caused by means of various mantras and prayers intended to incite malice towards a certain person or family; this energy is accumulated in water or in some other substance, to be directed towards its aim and thereby influence the process of life.

The energy centers, the so-called chakras, that is, the living energy of a person can be blocked or suppressed, which creates diverse problems illnesses or negative conditions of the body or of the spirit. Such blockages contribute to the decrease of the psychological and physical development of children, and in adults they result in anxiety, decrease of the psychological and health condition, stagnation of the private and professional development, disturbance of the ability to communicate with other people etc. In the past, this condition was viewed as bad luck, magic or similar influence, but was anyway more or less known and present.

The Bio-Quant pyramid has been manufactured by Mr. Stojan Velkoski, aiming at the protection against diverse negative influences to people and their immediate environment with the effect of harmonizing them.

The specificity of the Bio-Quant pyramid is reflected in the results of its empirical and practical analyses: its favorable influence in and harmonization of the premises where people live and work. After placing the Bio-Quant where negative energy is present, the life of the people living or working in those premises becomes more harmonized, as the elements installed in the pyramid create a certain micro-oscillation which destroys negative energy caused by human factor.

What does the Bio-Quant consist of?

Состав и изглед на Био-квантната пирамида- bio Quant

The Bio-Quant has the shape of a pyramid (Fig. 1 – 3) and consists of precisely arranged crystals with different shape and size, membranes, differently placed forms of quartz, sodium chloride, etc. All these elements have the capacity to oscillate in a whole and thus harmonize the environment in a radius of 10 meters, all through the walls of a building. People living or working in such space are relieved of the blockage in their life energy, which re-gains its balance.



Figure 1. : Location of certain elements in the Bio-Quant pyramid



Figure 2. The look of the Bio-Quant pyramid


Figure 3. Example of the look and the location of the Bio-Quant



The pyramid is placed within the living or working premises with any of its sides directed towards east.

It can be placed on a cupboard, with its sides directed towards the cardinal points, and is activated automatically. Its effects are the best in the period from noon until 03:00 P.M., but its effects remain constant all through the night and day as well.


The most recent research reveals has its best results in the elimination of negative energy from the residential or working environment in the period from noon until 03:00 P.M., but it can remain on its location round the clock as well. Its function can be blocked during two to five days each month, by returning the pyramid into its dark foil, but it is not at all compulsory to do so.

Shelf life: unlimited, but it is recommended to replace the pyramid by a new one after three years and to place the previous pyramid into its black foil and keep it there for the next three years. After the three-year-period, the pyramid in the foil is restarted and can be replaced with the previous one. So, this process is to be repeated every three years.


First of all, the Bio Quant consists of natural crystals, it does not need any additional energy, and does not produce any noise, vibrations, light, radiations, evaporations etc. , due to which it is characterized as a neutral element in the environment.

No negative effects have been detected until now.


Considering the relatively short period since this natural generator has been released for use, its users have so far reported the following results

- psychological serenity;

- disappearance of negative symptoms and pains which could not be soothed by medical treatments,

- decisiveness as to the solution of some family and professional problems which has been blocked for unknown reasons,

- feeling of self-confidence and happiness;

- opening of new views in life;

- calmness while sleeping;

- remarkable distancing of people which had negative thoughts towards some member of the family or to the whole family concerned,

-and many other positive changes.


The analyses and the empirical measuring carried out so far lead to the conclusion that the results of the Bio-Quant on its users are remarkable. They can not be described in the known physical terms and laws of traditional physics, and can only be noticed by close observation. The positive changes brought by the pyramid are hard to understand, but still real. The best results are felt in people whose energy which directs their thoughts, ideas, contacts and other spiritual processes have been blocked by any means.

From the previous analysis and empirical measurements can be concluded that the majority of users have remarkable results. Their description does not interact with existing physical laws, and thus this phenomenon can only follow and observe. The positive effects derived from users indicate that they appear as a positive change for the present time are incomprehensible, yet realistic. Noticeable changes occur where their energy moves thought, idea, contacts and other spiritual process of individuals on various grounds have been blocked, and then using the bio Quant pyramid unblock.

Studies with the use of bio Quant continue pyramid, user guides may undergo some corrections or additions depending on future results.


Cost: 230 EUR


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