Questions and Answers

M. J. - Ohrid: Is it supplied with electricity?
BIO-SPH uses the constant Earth’s el.magnetic field and does not use any supplementary energy. Only the BIO –ionizer, among other things, uses electricity as well.

N. N. - Gostivar: Is BIO-SPH going to cure me?
BIO-SPH is not a medicament. BIO-SPH represents a preventive protection for the human and other living world from harmful electromagnetic radiations. Thus the organism can freely fight the disease.
Depending on the diagnosis, therapy, life style and the regenerative power, in most cases the disease will stagnate or even vanish.

I. G. Gevgelija: Why even in the first days I was waking up very early, with no tachycardia, headaches or chronic fatigue. Does it mean that BIO SPH has cured me in just a couple of days?

BIO-SPH protected you from the electromagnetic radiation and influenced positively on your organism. Your health problems merely resulted from the presence of the electromagnetic radiation, but there was no permanent damage to the body. In such cases, fatigue, pain and similar symptoms can easily go away.

Z. G. - Veles: Is BIO-SPH protecting my neighbours living across or above my apartment?
BIO-SPH has three roles:
1. Protects from electromagnetic radiation. In laboratory conditions it was proved that BIO SPH protects in radius of 20 m in the open, while each partition wall reduces the effect. If there is an underground, narrow wave the neighbours above you will be protected. If you have a transformer in the room affected by a cosmic knot, the room under you does not identify the radiation.
2. BIO-SPH has an ennobling positive effect within radius of about 30 m and the partition walls do not stop this effect. Measurements are made in this case only by radioestesy (empirically) which means that BIO – SPH positively affects within a radius of about 30 m.
3. The third function relates to the BIO-ionizer, which in addition to the two mentioned functions regulates ions in the air. There is no damaging effect of this function whatsoever.

J. V. - Kichevo: Can BIO-SPH have negative effect on my neighbours?
BIO-SPH neutralizes, converts and softens the space.
BIO-SPH does not move the electromagnetic radiation, does not reflect it and accordingly is no threat to the environment, as the case might be with some other devices.

How does BIO-SPH affects?
BIO-SPH is a device neutralizer-transformer, which by its construction and composition represents a patented and assessed solution, and is therefore no mystery. BIO-SPH uses for its functioning the constant Earth’s electromagnetic field, reduces the intensity of frequencies and acts on the wave polarity, so that the wave has no depolarizing power on the cell any longer. BIO SPH with its function harmonizes on an intercellular level, whereby the immunity improves and the organism can better prepare for fight and survival.

N. H. - Prilep: Ever since we have been using BIO SPH at home and at work, I feel much better and some diseases have vanished. Is this a placebo effect?
The Bio SPH neutralizer-transformer does not work on religious or mythical basis or superstition. BIO-SPH is a technical solution designed for the 21st century, therefore scientifically recognized and confirmed. Its function is accessible to technically measured perception, and therefore all similar assumptions are being refused. BIO-SPH is clinically and technically attested in laboratory conditions. These two types of studies have completely rejected the possibility of self-suggestion or placebo effect. So it can be surely stated that BIO SPH is a technical solution, which protects safely from electromagnetic radiations, and makes the working and living environment noble and pleasant.

H. U. - Bitola: Is cancer a result of electromagnetic rays?
According to results from studies conducted for more than 10.000 people, checking the radiation in their homes (bedrooms) and offices, we can claim that 95% of patients or deceased of malignant diseases had been for a certain period of time exposed to radiation from natural sources, most often cosmic and geopathogenic. The studies conducted in animal farms can also confirm this thesis. (see statistics).

Z. I. - Tetovo: What distinguishes BIO-SPH from other available protective means or devices?
Some devices offered to date (e.g. reflective effect) only move the underground wave for about 1-2m, others that are filled with quartz sand or similar. They can positively influence the space for a short term and are then able to reflect certain radiation in the space or become neutral. There are some devices that thanking to their shape and colour affect the space positively. Each and every positive effect is really welcome, but is not a final solution. BIO SPH has a noble and protective effect. It is a technical solution, simultaneously protecting from cosmic, underground and technical sources of radiation. The operability of BIO SPH has been under surveillance for almost 15 years and no negative effects on human or animals have been discovered at all. On the contrary, it gives enormous positive results in the protection and recovery from some diseases both with humans and animals.
BIO-SPH is patented, technically and clinically attested.
Functions of BIO SPH are 100% sure and have been proved with a number of scientific studies.
BIO-SPH offers warranty and service for its work.

N. J. - Skopje: I live in a skyscraper where in the last 18 years, several suicides happened. Some of them threw themselves down from their apartments. What is the cause?
According to results obtained by many years of studying, it has been proved that in most cases of suicides, the victims’ beds in their bedrooms had been exposed to electromagnetic rays. The exposed felt neurosis, aggressiveness which resulted in nervous breakdowns and attempts to take their own lives. The persons who use BIO SPH do not feel the same symptoms any more (see statistics users)

Lj. Z. - Struga: Why is only my parent seriously ill and not the other tenants in the building? If there is a radiation shouldn’t they all have health problems?
The long-term practice has shown that not all the people respond equally to electromagnetic radiation. The time of exposure, sensitivity, position of the bed, or of the desk, stresses, life style and food consumed, sex, source of radiation, genetic predispositions etc., will decide the disease of the exposed person and how long it will last (see studies for more than 10.000 people) (statistics).

J. O. - Skopje: How come that since yesterday when I put BIO SPH I have been sleeping worse?
The human body has adapted in time to the surrounding, to the interior,
bio-architecture of the object, bed and a number of other circumstances. Radiation which is existing in the space has negative effect but the organism has accepted to fight it. The man suffers of insomnia, nightmares, etc. but once the radiation is exterminated, the body very seldom reacts promptly. You can get up earlier, because the body feels relaxed, or if you had higher blood pressure, under the influence of BIO SPH it can go down, i.e. get to normal, and your body feels the difference. It would be the same like for example, a man living in industrial surroundings finds himself in clean air and feels a terrible headache or similar symptoms as his body’s response to adaptation process to a clean and safe zone.