Today it is an obligation of each manufacturer or distributor to present the role and functions of his products which he wants to offer to the consumer. Each presentation must be accompanied with valid certificates and other scientifically confirmed facts.
It is especially important to ask the manufacturer to present attests on operability when it comes to products intended for medical purposes or preventive medicine, pharmacy or protection of environment.
Today we are often bombarded with various advertisements for different products, but very little is said on functions or effects, with ambiguous or unfinished proofs of suspicious origin or not professionally supported. This serious problem has penetrated the area of environmental issues and its protection from electromagnetic radiation.
We can find today diverse devices and sets for protection against electromagnetic radiations, lacking any scientific certificates or attests.
Isn’t it a crime, to offer so sensitive but also so inappropriate and fake devices?
The one who uses this device for protection against electromagnetic radiation thinks he has solved the problems for his family but since it is a fake device, the threat is still in the air. Isn’t this an indirect murder? The statistics show that more than 95% of the people with malignant tumours were exposed for a certain period of time to cosmic or geopathogenic radiation in their bedrooms or at work. The evidence that this type of protective devices works is most frequently obtained empirically and results expressed in percentage also obtained empirically from practitioners of dubious skill. These methods can also give inaccurate results and be under influence of the subconscious mind of the patient or the practitioner.
In some cases one part of users can feel better. This is purely due to the placebo effect i.e. psychological basis, auto-suggestion.
A more serious project for protection from radiation requires more serious scientific studies.
Such project must comprise of long term researching segments, such as for instance:
- Device constructions;
- Study prepared on the effect of the device on each separate frequency and other technical characteristics;
- Device functions;
- Functions controls by a mandatory technical method;
- Long years of study on people who use this device;
- Study on possible side effects with users;
- Study on possible damaging effect from the device;
- Study in magnetic observatories, to identify possible increase of the electromagnetic constant earth’s field when applying device;
- Certificates on non-ionizing radiation from the device;
- Statistical data;
- A number of other scientific research studies, to give the wholeness of a device for protection of environment from electromagnetic radiations.

BIO-SPH is the only program in the world that meets all the technical, technological and above all functional requirements for protection from electromagnetic radiation.
Numerous studies, certificates and references talk about the BIO-SPH. One part of these scientific references and evidence of its functions, have been presented in this web site.