These studies have covered about 20.000 people and 8 000 heads of large cattle (cows, calves, bulls). The scientific studies had been conducted for 10 years and all protective and safety precautions for the examinees taken into account.
Traditional and modern instruments and devices were used for detection of radiation, managed by a professional staff.


The purpose of the scientific studies is to convey:

- Harmfulness of the electromagnetic natural and technical radiation on people and animals;
- Research the harmfulness of the cosmic (S) net discovered by the author Dr.Stojan Velkoski;
- Efficiency of application of BIO-SPH for protection of people and animals.


The statistical analysis of obtained values from the research used descriptive and analytical methods. To describe the study results we were using the following parametric and non parametric methods of descriptive statistics:
• Frequencies;
• Percentages;
• Arithmetical mean (average value);
• Standard deviation.
For testing zero hypotheses and obtaining valid scientifically based conclusions, we were using the following parametric and non parametric analytical statistical tests:
• Hi-square test of conformity (x²);
• Student’s T-test for two big non-aligned samples;
• Student’s T-test for proportions;
• Analysis of the variant for proportions (ANOVA) with a test of a square with minimum differences (LSD-test) for inter-group differences.
Levels of probability of realizing the zero hypotheses, according to the international convention for bio-medical sciences are 0.05 and 0.01. The statistical analysis was done on a computer by a statistical program of the Institute for social medicine, statistics and research in the Health department of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade.
Results are given in charts produced on a computer.








Statistical analysis with people