Soncev Zrak” has been continuously active since 1989, with the head offices in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
The founder of “Soncev Zrak” is PhD Stojan Velkoski.

Soncev Zrak translated means "San Rey"

The purpose of forming “Soncev Zrak” was to establish a scientific institution which would cover a very sensitive field from our everyday life.As a part of geobiology, the activities were directed first to discovering electromagnetic radiation. By implementing detection in the working and family setup valuable statistic data w ere compiled on the damage caused by the electromagnetic radiation on the live world. The facts which “Soncev Zrak” avails have been processed skilfully and available for future scientific and educational needs.
Everyday data gathered directly from the field practically spoke of a frightening danger from electromagnetic radiation.
In the second half of the 20th century, new settlements were built on locations extremely dangerous for human health. Realising the danger for future inhabitants of these settlements, ”Soncev Zrak” initiated a series of public appearances in order to make the public aware of the dangers ahead of us. More public debates were organised to that effect, documentaries were broadcasted on TV and on radio shows, many articles appeared in newspapers.
It was suggested to the Government by several written draft proposals to amend and enhance the Law on protection of environment and physical planning, covering the field of protection from geo-pathogenic electromagnetic radiation. It was also asked to arrange a meeting in order to find a preventive solution for such serious problems. Some meetings were held with the representatives from the ministries and radioestesy associations, but did not emerge with any result.

Based on Article 11 position 3 of the Law for protection and development of the environment and the nature (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 69/96, 13/99. 41/00. 96/00 and 45/02), the Vice Minister for environment and physical planning has brought the: DECISION FOR GIVING AUTHORIZATION TO EFFECT CERTAIN TYPES OF EXPERT WORKS FOR PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE ENVIRONMET AND THE NATURE
The Researching production and service trade company “SONCEV ZRAK”, Stojan, DOOEL Export-Import is authorized to make certain types of expert works for protection and development of the environment and the nature, in the activities that it is registered for.

Fig. 1. The role and effectiveness of Bio-SPH received a series awards including gold medals at EAST-WEST EURO INTELLECT Sofija 1999


Fig. 2. Bio-SPH was awarded the highest award Fountain of 1800 exhibitors in USA Pitcburg 1998

Fig.3. Soncev Zrak has performed with his numerous scientific papers on environmental protection including NATO WORK SHOP in Tellaviv 2007


Fig.4. Soncev Zrak has performed with his numerous scientific papers on environmental protection including WORK SHOP UN Tarusa Rusia 2007


Fig. 5. Officially receive the second doctoral degree at 06.23.2012 in Hotel Alexander Palace in Skopje


Fig. 6. Officially awarded acknowledgments by PhD. Velkoski and IGAPE - Skopje, 06.23.2012 in Hotel Alexander Palace in Skopje.



The founder PhD Stojan Velkoski was born in Kichevo, but for a long time has been living and working in Skopje. For a long time he has been working on this problem and later, as a PhD in eco sciences has ventured into a new project which might solve and eliminate the serious and potential killer-the radiation. For many years he worked independently in the field of research and problem solving which are now practically the core of the Soncev Zrak's program.
He spent 5 years on this project, assisted by experts from electronics, physics and other areas, because he needed scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge. Completion of this project was indeed a success both for its author but also for the whole expert team, who each contributed to implementation of the new solution, known at first as SONPETHRIST, and now well-known as neutralizer-transformer BIO-SPH.
Since BIO-SPH’s first results, a new era in the direction of "Soncev Zrak" research has started, relating especially to safety of the BIO-SPH users who can easily, simply and safely solve their serious problems.
The author of BIO-SPH has protected its patent BIO-SPH, both domestically and internationally via P.S.T.

. Since 1990 "Soncev Zrak" has always taken part in different international exhibitions, novelty fairs of innovation, debates and other scientifically based educational appearances in public.
Most of them presented the harmfulness of electromagnetic radiation. For the successfulness and important role of BIO-SPH the author and "Soncev Zrak" have been awarded numerous international distinguished recognitions and awards. Some of them are: silver medal and diploma at Eureka in Brussels, Belgium,1994; the Environmental Award at INPEX XIV in Pitsburg, USA, 1998; gold medal and diploma at the exhibition East-West Euro Intelekt in Sofia,1999 and other.


"Soncev Zrak" produces a BIO-SPH-program, including BIO- ionizer.
"Soncev Zrak" has worked on several scientific research projects on underground waters, such as projects for long-term solution of the potable water problem in Prilep and Krusevo.
This projects have solved the problem in some towns, villages, settlements, factories and individual buildings.
The advantage of "Soncev Zrak" successfully solving these problems with water lies in several segments. First of all, in the skilfulness of the experts who work for “Soncev Zrak” –hydro-geologists, geo-physicians, geobiologists and other professionals, as well as the appropriate professionals who use some scientific technical methods from the area of hydro-geology, geo-physics, geo-biology. In this way, a successful and competent team has been formed which works on solving problems with shortage of drinking water.
"Soncev Zrak" professionally produce elaborates on the presence of electromagnetic radiation from various sources; elaborates on the intensity of radiation from electric towers (transmission line pylon) and networks, transformers, TV and radio relays, telephone transmitters and other radiation sources, which might seriously and negatively influence human health.
"Soncev Zrak" is also a court expert just in this area, which means that elaborates are also valid in court proceedings.
"Soncev Zrak" has a serious approach in realization of a number of environmental projects. It cooperates with legal and physical entities in and out of the country. It has concluded long-term contracts for scientific and technical cooperation with academies, such as the contract made with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN). "Soncev Zrak" is open for cooperation with many other institutions, universities, academies everywhere in the world, for promoting mutual interests and for the sake of the entire living world.
Our plan is to increase our scientific, technical and comercial cooperation with countries Europe wide and farther, depending on the overall development of "Soncev Zrak".


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