Ever since the man found out of the harmfulness of radiation, he contemplated how to protect himself, in the first instance from natural and later from technical sources.

Being aware of the danger, the man started skilfully to avoid them finding the fields by various detecting methods. As the urban settlements gradually were growing bigger and bigger and the space to build on narrower and narrower, people started thinking of how to protect the existing space that was influenced by the electromagnetic radiations.

In the beginning, they used materials that were most often at hand at the time as protection. For example, they would lay sheep or lamb hides with fur, thick layer of pressed hay and similar.

However it was not enough so they practiced various detecting methods, which proved themselves as the most successful prevention method.

The problem grew graver in the meantime with the appearance of new radiation equipment.

In the last century people used materials which were available at the time for protection. Thick plastic hydro-insulating foils, copper or lead sheets and plates, specially worked copper springs were used, depending on the intensity of radiation in space, material was placed along the whole fundament of the object, and similar protections.

The author of BIO SPH was using in the second half of the last century the same methods as protection, although he himself gives priority to detection and dislocation from the radiation zone.

Materials and methods used to protect against radiation showed some failures.

Such as for instance, the foundation of the whole object should be covered, which was not always feasible. Geo-pathogenic radiation were redirected out of the object to other surrounding objects or flats, which was inhuman. That is why we were not willing to use such type of protection. There were more practical devices available on the market, easier to use, but protecting only against geo-pathogenic radiation and had reflective lateral effect on about 50 cm to 2 m, thus endangering the safe zone. Various instruments and devices well advertised emerged on the market, most of them with only a softening effect or reflective, but did not protect by conversion or neutralizing the radiation.

Some of the solutions have been obtained as a result of the very form or the composition, eg. filled up with quartz sand or similar crystals, which can in short term have positive effect in the space, but then becomes neutral or even represent sort of transmitters of damaging effect in the space.

Today in the world there is one solution well known, which in addition to the softening effect to the space, has a neutralizing effect, which by means of conversion reduces the radiation intensity and disables the depolarizing power on the cell.

This new solution, publicly known, is the neutralizer-transformer BIO-SPH. This device enables complete protection of the live world and against geo-pathogens, cosmic and technical sources of radiation.

BIO-SPH is a well-advertised technical solution. Its function has been investigated for more than 10 years. BIO-SPH is a certified and patented device. Its functionality is measurable in technical laboratories, and it is also clinically attested (see certificates).

Solution to the problem

It is recommendable to solve the problem ahead of serious problems. It can be done in two ways:

a) By detecting and selecting a safe location for building houses and objects, by which natural radiation sources can be avoided. We would like to remind here that the technical radiation sources will remain after a building has been built;

b) By protecting rooms in existing buildings.

Wide range of BIO-SPH

The wide range of BIO-SPH useful effects enables a complete protection from outside electromagnetic destructive radiation. For instance:

- BIO-SPH enables regulation of the cell function and of the oxydo-reductive processes of synthesis and undisturbed receiving of energy in the course of the cell metabolism;

- BIO-SPH stimulates on a cell level. It is characterized by an increased cell metabolism, which allows increase of the organism’s immunity;

- BIO-SPH allows pains to mitigate, inflammatory reactions to reduce, the process of regeneration to speed up, progressive sicknesses to stagnate, some others to disappear. Its effect is preventive in cases of organic, cardiovascular, psychic and other diseases;

- Application of BIO-SPH is non invasive, easy and very useful, without any negative effects.

BIO-SPH when compared to other devices or apparatus used for the same purposes, differs in the following:

- BIO-SPH is patented, meaning that it is a technical solution and innovation;

- BIO-SPH is technically attested, which means that it reduces the electromagnetic radiations;

- BIO-SPH is being attested in a magnetic observatory, and is proved not to reduce the normal constant Earth field, which means it can be used in circumstances without electromagnetic radiation. No damaging effect whatsoever.

-The certificate has proved that when using BIO –SPH no damaging ionizing effects exist and no danger from non-ionizing radiations;

-The clinical attest has shown that BIO-SPH has enormous positive effect on the organism;

-BIO-SPH does not take any additional electric energy, which means it is not a source of radiation, sound etc;

-BIO-SPH operates on temperatures up to +80 and up to -80 So, which points out that its functions do not depend on temperature;

-BIO-SPH uses the Earth constant electromagnetic field;

-Attesting of BIO-SPH was prepared for 15 years, and about 10.000 people were covered;

-BIO-SPH is simple to use, either by setting it on a wall or anywhere in the open;

-BIO-SPH does not reflect the existing radiation and accordingly does not dislocate it. It simultaneously reduces the intensity of radiation and transforms it into a safe place for the environment;

-BIO-SPH can be used in various places – hospitals, family houses, animal farms, kinder gardens, offices, green houses, land, means of transport by air or water;

- BIO-SPH has the three basic functions for normal development:

a) Protects from natural and artificial sources of electromagnetic radiations, accessible for technically measurable perception;

b) Refines the space by micro effect, makes it pleasant to stay in;

c) Protects from depolarizing effects of radiation;

d) Regulates ions in the space. Operates additionally on 220 V electricity, with absolutely no damaging effect as the case may be with other ionizers;

- BIO-SPH has been awarded a number of international diplomas and recognitions;

- The creator of BIO-SPH has defended a doctor’s degree on BIO -SPH, which means it has been scientifically justified and recognized;

- BIO-SPH keeps healthy people in good condition and with ill people, improves their immunity and allows fast recovery;

- People in their job posts notice bigger psychophysical fitness and concentration, headaches go away, as well as other symptoms. Furthermore, a reduced number of sick leaves are evident;

- Fertility in farms also increased. The average life period of cows is increased. Death as a result of bronchopneumonia with calves diminished by 80%. The use of antibiotics and some hormone therapy taken is reduced is;

-BIO-SPH affects domestic pets and flowers very positively;


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