The geobiology is a science which studies geological influences on the entire live world, as well as the methods for detection and protection from them.
The geo-biology today is living through an initial period of development in its more recent history.
Presently it studies: influence of the earth on the entire living world, radioesthesy-both as theory and practice, ecology and other scientific fields. It also studies earth’s minerals, topography of the surface, rocks and stones, ocean chemistry, atmosphere composition etc.
The geo-biology studies underground water sources.
The geo-biology learns about the tie between life and physics in the environment.
It also studies microbiology, microecology, physiology of plants, molecular biology, paleontology, eco minerals from early evolution, geo-chemistry, oceanography, the old Chinese science Feng Shui, astrology and other areas connected with the entire living world, the planet Earth and the Space.


The name derives from two words. One is Latin radiare- to radiate and the other ancient, aisthanomai- to sense. It means that it’s a capacity to sense radiation. It is hard to state since when radiesthesy is actually present. First written documents go back to 2590 B.C. Celts, Egyptians, Persians, Medeyans, ancient Macedonians were using forks to choose a location to live on, to detect potable water, ores etc.
In the middle ages, the use of forks takes a distinguished place especially when in search of ores. Previous beliefs that forks had been conducted by outer forces were rejected. A new era of the use of these devices had started which helped man in matters where the main factor is his natural sensibility.
The first more significant research on the capacity of radiesthesy is done by Johannes Walter, a doctor in sciences geology and paleontology (1860-1973), who conducted its studies on 400 of his students. He was following their reactions when they were passing with their forks through radiation zones.
Results proved that the reaction of students with accented sensibility was stronger.
The reactions were manifested as nervous anxiety, higher blood pressure, and a faster pulse. During the World War I, the Austro-Hungarian army had a group of so called water seekers Rutenganger-s. They were able to detect potable water helped by the forks of the military units. It was a reason to dig up hundreds of wells in this way. The cradle of modern radiesthesy is Venice, wherefrom in 19th Century was spread to the European countries and the USA, in which even today it receives full attention, both from the scientific and from the practical aspect. Many world institutes dealing with studies of parapsychology phenomena, study also the field of radieesthesy. In fact, there has not been a congress on parapsychology at which phenomena in the field of radiesthesy have not been discussed.
Today in the world there are a number of institutes and institutions, "Soncev Zrak" included, which professionally deal with radiesthesy.
Radiesthesy is used in man’s everyday life. Most actively it is applied in geo-biology, hydrology, archaeology, fruit-growing, agriculture, traditional medicine, healthy food selection etc.
Radiesthesy can be divided in two parts, physical and mental. The first is restricted with application of accessories on the spot, unlike the second type which is not limited in space or time.
Radiesthesy mostly uses various accessories to assist, such as pendulum, mechanical sensors and other instruments and devices, which using man’s magnetic field or aura respond to radiation. All these accessories are to be used by professional trainees with long years of experience.

Fig. 1. Ancient methods for detection of ores, minerals, water and radiation


Fig. 2. Modern methods of detection


There is almost nothing without polarity in the nature.
If we take a sheet of paper, it represents one whole in the nature (universe) and has its polarity (+) or (-). Each side of the paper has an individual polarity in relation to the sheet, i.e. one side is (+), the other (-). The upper and the lower part of the paper also have its own polarity.
If we cut the paper into small pieces, each such piece will assume the same polarities as the sheet, as long as they can be identified as such.
But if the sheet or the pieces are burnt, then we have depolarized the matter and there is no polarity. This refers to any material.
The male has polarity (+) towards the nature, the female has (-) polarity. One hand of a man has (+) polarity, the other hand (-). Fingers on the hand has each own polarity (+) (-) (+) (-) starting with (+) on the thumb and finishing with (+) on the little finger.
As by a non written rule i.e. the law of the universe each body in nature tends to connect (+) with (-), so is the case with married couples end everything else.
Interfacing polarities is visible with a magnet – if we want to join one piece of magnet with the other (+) with (+) or (-) with (-), we can not even physically get them closer and (+) with (-) are immediately attracted.
The waves themselves, especially from Geopathogenic sources, as is the case with underground flowing waters, have a strong depolarizing effect on the cell. Even waves in electromagnetic fields with lower intensity can be a serious threat to the live world in terms of depolarization.
The air comprises positive and negative ions.
The universe and the planet systems function on polarization principle.
The facts obtained from research in the field, is very interesting: if a wave in the electromagnetic radiation is of extensive (+) polarity, in the vertical of such a building the health problems are mostly present with female representatives and opposite, if the wave is of (-) polarity, the male tenants will be facing serious health problems.
The resolution is with BIO-SPH, with its property to influence waves-reduce their intensity and to depolarize, thus creating a safe space to live in.
The old Chinese science recognizes this energy as yin and yang.


The role of the shape of houses and its effect on life was familiar with ancient people, who had taken care the object to be positioned properly in accordance with what they knew at that point of time, and to have a certain shape, especially the roof construction.

Old archicectonic construction

Fig. 3. Old architecture building in harmony with nature

They practised the integral form of the object not to disturb the natural balance.
Eg.: In nature, the mountains mildly climb up in the middle. So is the case with plants, in their lower part they are larger, and going to the top, narrower and smaller.
All these forms create one energetic harmony in nature.
Nowadays we quite often meet objects which oppose these laws of nature.
Eg.: high objects with flat roofs, wider than the object itself.
The objects look more like silos than like houses for living.
High objects with flat roofs, wider than the object itself

Fig.4. New architectural performances that are not in harmony with nature

Also, more frequent is the width of upper floors unlike lower floors- a form of reverse pyramid.
Object with bigger expression of width on the upper floors in difference with the down floors-in form of reverse pyramid.

Fig. 5. New architectural staged with narrow basis that are not in harmony with nature

In such objects a very negative energy intensity appears and the people living there feel neuroses, headaches, claustrophobia etc.
In such case, we can protect with BIO-SPH, removing the negative effect of the shape. BIO SPH’s author lives in one of such objects. Without BIO SPH in the rooms of his apartment, he can hardly stay long hours inside the flat.
His neighbours in the building without BIO-SPH feel restless, insomnia, headaches and other negative symptoms. But with BIO-SPH the symptoms disappear.
Key role is the position of the object. Chinese for example, called the science Feng Shui. In the bio architecture it is important how the beams are positioned in space, as well as many other elements which can affect normal living.

Symptoms with the people who were exposed to electromagnetic
radiation while sleeping

Based on statistical research in family rooms, done on more than 20.000 people of different gender and age, conducted by Dr. Stojan Velkoski of “Soncev Zrak”, the following findings are noted:
More than 75% of people are sensitive to the presence of electromagnetic radiation in their homes.

Humans energetic field-aura

The human body is made up of, apart from the ether body, an enormous number of subtle particles of energetic field, representing a live organism.
You can see on the photo such type of energetic field know as aura, whose colours and intensity can indicate the health status of a person, and his natural pre-despositions. By means of Aurovision techniques, the author of BIO SPH was taken in this photo in Geneva in 1995.


Fig. 6.  Aura author Dr. Stojan Velkoski recorded in Geneva, 1995.

It proves that our non-material body known as aura in the presence of electromagnetic radiation undergoes enormous damages which is then transmitted to intercellular harmony, described in the effect of electromagnetic radiation on cellular function.
People exposed to radiation while sleeping suffer from insomnia or nightmares, tachycardia, wake up chronically tired, headaches, dizziness, neuroses, stiffness and pains in the body, while sleeping their body vibrates and further consequences are various diseases.
Children exposed to radiation while sleeping, usually have a restless sleep, turn in their sleep, sweat, get wet, wake up crying, lose immunity, suffer of diseases which leave a lot of consequences on their health and life.
Our statistics confirm that more than 95% of patients who died from cancer had been exposed to electromagnetic radiation, not taking into account the technical radiation from home appliances and operation of electrical machines, in their bedrooms and at work. The average period of exposure to geopathogenic and cosmic rays was for 10 years.
It is a frightening fact received from statistics that people with heart failures and brain strokes were exposed to mentioned radiations, in average for about 10 years.
It has been established that the sterility is in close connection with the presence of el.magnetic radiation (enclosed is the attest of the Vet. Institute). The same applies to people exposed in homes and at work. Present are also rheuma, arthritis, allergies, cists and tumors, psycho-depression, fatness, slow motion, and so on.
Children’s paralyses, diabetes, other diagnoses, are in addition, appearing as a result of radiation.
The type of disease and when they will happen depend on: genetic predisposition, time of exposure to radiation, type of radiation and type of geologic structure of living, and through what radiations have penetrated, which can all to some extent, contribute to degree and type of diagnosis of the exposed.

Click (scheme with underground radiations and a house)


The stress has a very damaging effect with the live organism but not only from a psychological point of view, because the farms do not know of such a phenomenon, but there is stress on the living being caused by penetration of the electromagnetic fields and radiation through the cell.
It is an interesting fact that the electromagnetic natural fields are of a very weak intensity, but the powerful depolarizing strength, affecting on a cell level.
Long periods of studies conducted by Dr.Stojan Velkoski of “Soncev Zrak” are confirming the negative effect of the natural electromagnetic field and radiation on the live world, one of the most serious causes of malignant diseases. For more information, visit (electromagnetic fields and public health: extremely low frequency fields and cancer)
In order to prevent such tragedies, it is most safe to live in a safe location less exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation. If not possible, then it is necessary to timely protect yours and other people’s health. Preventive and complete protection can be achieved with the BIO SPH program (click here).

What is the effect of electromagnetic radiations with animals?

The live world in nature has exquisitely developed sensibility which helps them adapt for survival. Large cattle will not stop and will not lie down on places where they sense intensive electromagnetic radiation, eg. a dog, horse, cattle, then especially wild animals, having an option for settlement, will always choose a safe ground.
Their intensive and enhanced sensibility caught the eye of ancient civilizations who furthermore were using animals to find safer locations for erecting settlements. If animals are compelled to dwell exposed to radiation in fenced locations such as farms, they might lose their natural instinct and their future is very uncertain. This radiation plays a key role in diseases, sterility and mortality.
Team of experts compiled research on cattle exposed to damaging radiation effects, and compared the results with those received after the same cattle has been properly protected with BIO SPH. The results from BIO SPH protected animals point out to positive changes in all segments. For instance, in the protected farms mortality of calves was reduced by 73%, consumption of medicaments reduced, hormones and antibiotics by 80%, which saves money and indirectly offers healthier food.
These studies (attests) have eliminated the placebo effect of BIO-SPH, which proves it does not work on psychological and false pretences, as such components do not exist on farms.
Click here to see the studies.

All scientific experiments in farms were under professional veterinary surveillance in order to protect animals’ health. We have always followed randomly placed herd of cattle and compared them with other identical herds on the same location, this time with protection.


Fig.7.Cow shed in cow farms protected by BIO SPH

Project with poultry

In 1995 in the settlement Ilinden, in outskirts of Skopje, inside each of two identical cages, 10 young hens were put. One of the cages was positioned on area with geopathogenic radiation and S- knot and only 3 m farther, in the same room, the other identical cage in a safe zone.
The poultry was fed with the same food, at the same time, temperature controlled conditions.
The project lasted for four months.
The findings were:
- The poultry in the cage with Geopathogenic radiation and S knot showed signs of diminished immunity, feathers falling off, disturbance of the nervous system and the manifestation of cannibalism.
- No changes were noted with the poultry inside the safe zone cage.


20 bee families were used for this experiment, prepared in hives with the same age mother bee, identical number of bees, breed and food. Previous detection of the location determined the Geopathogenic radiation, an underground wave 2 m wide.
In the fall of 1992, we placed:
a) 10 hives with bees on Geopathogenic radiation;
b) The other 10 hives were placed some 7-9 m further away as a controlling group in a safe zone.
During wintertime on sunny warm days, the bees from the group a) spent the winter very calmly without going out for discharge, while the bees in b) very often flew out to discharge.
In spring, when the first control took place, the bees in a) were much more stronger and numerous, with less spent food reserves and with better breed than bees b).
The research on bigger nests of anthills had also proved that they are located on places with stronger electromagnetic radiations.
This experiment, made by “Soncev Zrak”, under surveillance of Dr.Stojan Velkoski, is giving us grounds to state that the electromagnetic natural radiations affect the cellular system of men, animals and plants, but not of the arthropoda –insects.


Fig.8. Beehive with bees, geo-pathogenic radiation positively reflect and Cosmic Stoyanov swarm to act to leave pchelnata community.

Interestingly, plants located in radiation zones behave almost identically as the other live world.
Perennials of two various types of nursery plants have been observed, with softer structure of the trunk, as e.g. Canadian poplar in Ivo Ribar Lola Str., Skopje and plant with tougher trunk structure, as e.g. Acacia in Ilindenska Str., Skopje.

Fig.9. Two seedlings of the same age, one safe and the other cosmic node. It is the cosmic node is weaker vegetation


Fig.10. Plants of the same family, in early spring they are the Geo-pathogenic fields behind the early vegetation.

Two groups of trunks of each of the trees were taken:
a) Group exposed to geopathogenic radiation;
b) Group of the same plant, the same age and in the immediate vicinity of a safe zone.
I. Canadian poplar
Group a) in early spring awakes rather late to vegetate compared with the group b). Group a) has less developed branches and leaves compared with group b). At sudden temperature rise the group a) does not have time for gradual vegetation and a lot of plants dry out. The plants of group a) show dehydration from the direction of the wave, i.e. from the direction of its movement, and not from the northern side as one should expect due to low temperatures and the north wind.

Fig.11.Plant exposed to geo-pathogenic field and cosmic node after a period of time dehydrates


Fig. 12 and 13 Two of acacia trees, one safe location to the other cosmic node. One is the normal development of tumors and other

Plant exposed on gpr where dehydratation is started
II. Acacias
Trunks of group a) in the radiation zones, both from underground and from cosmic rays, wake up much later in the early spring than trunks in group b) which were near the safe zone.
Trunks in group a) are less developed, and are covered in many boils (tumors), same as with people in radiation zones.

Plant on safety zone and plant on radiation

a) Plant on safety zone
b) Plant on gpr and k-knot

Tree line in Ilindenska Str., Skopje. The five marked trunks are in the area of a wide underground wave. The difference of the early vegetation is evident, compared with neighbouring trees, which are in the safe zone.

Project with horticulture

In March 1991, a detection of Geopathogenic zones was performed in a state-owned flower firm, Komunalec, in Skopje.
This company has been growing high quality flowers for years.
The research was done on the lanes which are there to grow very sensitive seeds and plants.
5 parallel Geopathogenic waves were detected 1 m wide. The waves were covering part of the lanes and the difference in growth of the flowers in lanes covered with waves and growth of the same seed material on the safe zone was obvious. The part influenced by radiation had weak growth and thickness, seed plants much more in number and developed than the part of the lanes with no electromagnetic radiation.
It was further noted that the influence varies depending on the seed culture. Some are more sensitive to Geopathogenic radiation, some are more resistant.
This research has confirmed the harmful effect of the el.magnetic radiation on plants.


The research was done on ancient urban settlements, such as Stobi, Heraklea, Skupi and others. Today they do not exist because they were destroyed by wars, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The results have shown that they were situated in a quite safe location, when it comes to exposure to strong electromagnetic fields.

It is known that there were 365 churches and monasteries in Ohrid. They were or still are in a quite safe location free from strong electromagnetic fields. These results mean that old priests were familiar with radiesthesy and apply it.

The research was also done on the town of Ohrid. Results from the research have shown that the old part of the town was situated in a quite safe location free from natural electromagnetic radiation compared with the new part of the town. This also supports the thesis that old Macedonians were familiar with the presence of harmful electromagnetic radiation in space.


The research was conducted on two urban suburbs of Skopje. Both are relatively new.
The first settlement is located on a clay geological structure, the other one on a sandy geological structure. Objects were simultaneously observed both under geopathognic influence in the two settlements.
The most frequent symptoms with the inhabitants of the first settlement were: psycho-depressive, cardiovascular failures, diminished immunity, benign and malign tumours. The findings point that with the inhabitants exposed to geoopathogenic penetrating through clay layers, organic diseases prevail.
The settlement on a sandy geological structure, objects were observed within the geopathogenic radiation area.
Most frequent consequences were cardiovascular problems, cists, rheumatism, sciatica, allergies etc. Cardiovascular diseases were present more here than with the inhabitants of the first settlment. It indicates that those who are exposed to Geopathogenic radiation penetrating through sand layers, more frequently have cardiovascular diseases, followed by rheumatism, arthritis, weakened immunity, cists etc.
We can conclude that geological structure through which the rays penetrate can dictate the diagnoses on humans.
This project was conducted by Dr. Stojan Velkoski.


On the request of the people from Belica, Makedonski Brod, in 1990 a survey was done on the presence of Geopathogenic fields in the village.
Beneath the village there are several water springs, which join together with the main well, form the Belicka River. The water of some of the springs was running under some houses. It was evident that those houses were empty. The villagers told us that the older people from the village used to call them haunted, cursed houses because ever since they had been built, diseases and death became their companions.
According to their memories, the diseases mostly present were malignant diseases, heart and brain strokes, mental and other diseases resulting in people dying|.
Just next to these houses were some other objects in which life continued as normal. Measuring showed that those objects were located in neutral, safe zones. These results add to the general awareness that increased Geopathogenic radiation fields are dangerous.
The project was conducted by Dr. Stojan Velkoski of “Soncev Zrak” Skopje.


The reason why the research was undertaken in this, now extinguished village was because of the information received from an inhabitant from Delcevo.
A team under the leadership of Dr.Stojan Velkoski scanned and measured a wider area in this region in 1997.

Remnants of former family but unhappy houses could be seen. All the area where once used to be a village was under the influence of an accented Geopathogenic field. An older woman, the last surviving villager who moved to another place, was telling us a story: “After we settled in and built this village, very soon began a series of tragic events, not only were the old people dying but it happened to our children too. We could not understand what was happening to us, some of us who experienced a family tragedy chose to leave, but most of the villagers decided to stay: years went by and almost everyone from the village died. My neighbour who was the last villager, committed suicide on his wife’s grave, after his children had died too”.
Such similar tragedies can be found in many settlements and the research proved the influence of Geopathogenic fields in those areas.


In 2003, after a documentary on TV in which Dr.Stojan Velkoski was invited as a guest, people from Kocani called and asked for a research project to be done in their houses. In a new and elite settlement known as "The Untouchables" more and more became aware of occurrences of malignant diseases and mortality. In one family four people died of various diseases and at different ages but they all slept in the same bedroom at different periods of time. The last to sleep in that bed was a 23 year old student of medicine, a grandson and son of the deceased. Two years after this young man moved to sleep in the same bedroom, he started to feel bad and asked for medical help. The same symptoms were felt by other members of the family who died. Results from the research were: a large part of the bed was within the increased Geopathogenic field and the bedroom in addition to the mentioned radiation had one K and S knot.
This was the cause of the family tragedies. This project showed that all others who died of malignant diseases in the town were exposed to radiation.
The project was performed in 2003-2004, under Dr.Stojan Velkoski’s control.


There is a multi-floor building in the town centre in which mortality grew, either as a consequence of malignant or diseases of cardiovascular systems. The tenants thought it was God’s doing and that this was supposed to happen, until the day when two youngsters were buried from the same building and on the same day, a girl of 18 and a young man of 23, both having died of malign diseases (cancer).
They asked for help from the Ministry of Environment who referred them on to Soncev Zrak. Dr. Stojan Velkoski who organized a team who would measure the electromagnetic radiation in the building. The results showed: all the deceased in the building, including the two young people had been exposed to Geopathogenic and cosmic sources of radiation.
This building already had some people using BIO SPH, who did not have any symptoms, nor death cases. This indicates how important protection from electromagnetic radiation is.