Statements by Consumers of Bio-SPH

Statement from Liv Solveig Dyrseth of Skien – Norway:
My name is Liv Solveig Dyrseth and I am 45 years old. Ever since my childhood I have had health problems. In June 1992 I got heavily sick and my diagnosis was chronic poisoning with amalgam. I had my tooth fillings taken out, and felt a little better. But I could not again protect myself from other problems, electromagnetic radiations, TV computers, landline and mobile telephones; I felt distressed by cars, underground radiations and everything which involved electricity.
I used to put plastic bags under my bed to protect me from underground rays, I used diverse crystals, pyramids, magnets, TX plates and all other stuff which I can’t even remember which I used over the years, unfortunately in vain.
An article in a newspaper changed my life. Wherever I go BIO-SPH is with me. It helps and protects. For the first time I was able to spend hours visiting my friends who live near transformers stations and electric towers, without feeling sick.
I walk around large supermarkets with the “pyramid” everywhere with me, in the trolley, without fainting before the cashier, I spend hours working on computers with absolutely no problems. I wish to thank Soncev Zrak and Stojan Velkoski for producing these neutralizers. I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life without them. Just to think how many years I could not even go out and buy X-mas gifts!! Now everything is at hand. Thank YOU BIO-SPH.

Statement from Kjersti Lied of Skien – Norway:
I purchased one BIO SPH of Soncev Zrak from their representation in Norway (Sun Ray) on 10.02.1999. That same device has been with me all the time since then.
My son who was diagnosed with M.B.D is normally very agitated and nervous, but after using BIO SPH is much more stable and relaxed.
Now we can do our homework easily, the child sits by the table and eats without spiting and fighting, sits calmly all the time.
I want to express my gratitude to Soncev Zrak for the device, as there is no doubt that it is the device that improved my child’s health condition.

Statement from Albert F. Studer – Switzerland:
We have made some tests and established that some people sleep better with BIO SPH.
A BIO-SPH is placed in my room in front of the TV and it appears that plants and flowers in that room grow faster and higher. We had bought a very slowly growing palm tree. Now it grows like crazy and its leaves are 2 to 3 times bigger than the old palm leaves.
Is it possible?

Statement from Galena K. Skopje:
After having put neutralizers in three rooms in my flat, my anxiety calmed down which positively affected my blood pressure and tachycardia.
I am very happy with the presence of the neutralizer in my home which is now an integral part of my daily routine. I would still want to keep the BIO-SPH in the future.

Statement from Elizabeta A. Skopje:
All family members felt notable improvement in their health after a couple of weeks of having the neutralizer present in our home. Weakness was swept away first which was followed by neurosis and anxiety. The headaches gradually vanished.
I’ve been using the neutralizer for 10 years. Its effect is amazing. When I am spending some time elsewhere where there is no neutralizer, and with harmful underground radiations, I start to feel weak again. I strongly recommend BIO SPH to all the people who want to get better.

Statement from Viki D. Ohrid:
I am very pleased with the neutralizer. I have recommended it to my colleagues and they are also very happy now.

Statement from Dijana B. Skopje:
Since we have these transformers, my daughter no longer suffers of pneumonia, my son’s nose bleeding stopped, and I wake up in the morning fit and well relaxed.
I think that each family must check the status of underground radiations in their homes and if there are, to protect themselves with the neutralizer-transformer.

Statement from Bozidar R. Skopje:
Before using the neutralizer I was waking up with red eyes feeling tired. After installing it, I get up in the morning feeling more relaxed and my eyes are no longer red. My wife’s headaches appeared and disappeared at random. I think that every home should have BIO SPH.

Statement from Bate M. Skopje:
Before placing BIO SPH I had constant headaches, which have now reduced to a minimum.
Its influence is great and visible. The fact is that when you get a headache from outside and when you get nearer to the device, after a while they completely disappear.

Statement from Goran N. Skopje:
Just having the BIO SPH in home gives me and my family a certain comfortable feeling that we are not exposed to radiations of any type. Call it a self suggestion, but without the device I would feel constantly unguarded. I am not quite sure if it is for the device or not but the fact is that after 3 to 4 unsuccessful attempts, a year and a half after we had purchased the neutralizer we got two beautiful children (son is 4 and daughter is 2,5 years).

Statement from Stojmir I. Skopje:
Before placing SPH, me and my wife suffered from terrible headaches and migraine pains. Now they are reduced for 90% both in terms of frequency and intensity. I think that the neutralizer does its job and my wife and me are very much satisfied with it.

Statement from Liljana J. Skopje:
After placing the neutralizer I can state that big changes have happened in our sleeping habits. Since 1996 no one got sick, not even from influenza.

Statement from Ognan J. Skopje:
In our case, the patient had undergone surgery on uterus tumors, after which she was suffering of terrible and frequent pains which made her life unbearable. These pains, both in terms of frequency and intensity grew weaker and weaker after we had placed the neutralizers in each room, including the kitchen. This fact is enough for us to be grateful enormously and to estimate the neutralizer as a requisite or device that is indeed helping, unlike many other “stuff” we had experimented with earlier with zero effect!
To conclude, we believe that each apartment must have a neutralizer when geo-pathologic or technical pollution is threatening.
Your neutralizer is GREAT! After everything I went through, it was hard to believe that someone could produced something like this which is so efficient, but your device is really GREAT, BEAUTIFUL and EFFICIENT protection. Congratulations, I wish you all the success and happiness in your future work!

Statement from Gjuro P. Skopje:
Since we have put the BIO SPH our nervousness eased, generally the fitness is improved, some of the diseases have stagnated and the feeling of relaxation is overwhelming. Earlier, the flowers in pots were either in a poor state or were drying out, which is not the case since we have had BIO SPH. General impression is that it has a positive effect, although our estimation is more speaking in terms of quality, as it is very hard to quantify the effects.

Statement from Ljiljana P, Strumica:
The first feeling is that since we have had BIO SPH at home, the tension is lower, the blood pressure has improved, it is easier to tolerate arrhythmia and tachycardia and sleeping is better.
I would like to stress that I am taking both medications at doctor’s prescription at the same time.
My experience of the neutralizer is as a helping and calming device.

Statement from Ivan I. Skopje:
We have bought the neutralizer because we live in the block called Kapistec in Skopje, and we have heard that this settlement is practically lying on underground waters. We believe in the efficiency of the neutralizer, internationally recognized, and we have heard from many people how pleased they are with it. Words of gratitude to Dr.Stojan Velkoski for his innovation.

Statement from Spiro K. Stip:
After having BIO SPH in our home, my whole family feels more relaxed, and none of the family members has any health problems.
I think that you can’t actually see the effects of the transformer’s work, but you should feel them. If an apartment or room is influenced by Geopathogenic radiation and is equipped with BIO SPH, all undesired consequences simply vanish. Praise and glory to the innovator.

Statement form Stania M. Skopje:
It is necessary because it gives safety to the homes and you can live a free life.

Statement from Blagoj A. Nov Dojran:
I feel much better now that the neutralizer is fixed. I think that its effects are extraordinary, and so many awards and recognitions did not come accidentally. I personally respect Mr. Stojan Velkoski, who contributes to a great extent in the improvement of public health, especially those whose homes are being exposed to dangerous electromagnetic influences. Mr.Velkoski’s efforts in this sense deserve special attention, but not only by individuals in the country but by the institutions as well. I wish Mr.Velkoski good health and further success in his research.

Statement from Dusko P. Skopje:
After having the transformer in my home, all family members feel much better than before. It is evident that we no longer take so many aspirins against headache, our organism feels much more relaxed.
That is why I am confident that the device serves its purpose i.e. protects men from negative influences surrounding us.

Statement from Trajanka P, Skopje:
Very soon after installing BIO SPH at home, my pains in the head, extremities and stomach went away. The other patient became more active, well spirited, started to move, having before needed to use a respirator to breathe, now doesn’t use it any longer. He is able to walk outside the house and even takes his two year old grandchild for a walk. A visiting medical team comes to the house on a regular basis. Both the family and the doctors are amazed with these changes.

Statement from Sande S. Skopje:
I have full confidence in the device and regard it highly because the whole situation of my health has improved significantly.

Statement from Verica P.Skopje:
Me and my son feel much better. The changes refer to pleasant feelings, understanding, pleasant dreams, joy, even the attitude of our guests who come to visit is pleasant. My headaches have gone and my child is no longer nervous. Me and my son think that the effect of the neutralizer is mild, calming, very useful and needed.

Statement from Daniela B. Skopje:
Before the device, my family felt a great extent of nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, sleep deprivation. My sister had a breast cist.
Now the situation has much more improved. We sleep well and all the previous problems have disappeared. Nervousness has diminished a lot, concentration and psychophysical capacity increased and we are all at ease. We are very much satisfied with the device and we cordially recommend them to all households.

Statement from Gjorgji Z. Skopje:
After having purchased the device we all feel very fresh and fit. Some diseases have even disappeared, like tachycardia, insomnia, fatigue, cists. Overall psychophysical fitness has returned to all of us. Our pet dog Lassy is much calmer now, sleeps anywhere in the house and does not have to chose a specific place and be vehement. We are all in good harmony.
4 hours sleep are enough for me now to feel relaxed. I recommend to everyone to supply one for their home as we have been indeed assured in its efficiency and virtue. Thank you.

Statement from the employees in the Laboratory at Neurology Clinic:
The staff are relaxed and the tension has eased. One of us had headaches that are now rare both in intensity and in terms of frequency. Everyone is in good mood. No negative effects have been noted yet.

Statement from Hristina S. Skopje:
After using neutralizer BIO SPH I feel significant positive changes in my health and mental condition. I am no longer chronically under slept, don’t feel constantly fatigued. Neurosis, headaches, heart problems, pains in my right knee have all disappeared, and both concentration and memory substantially improved. This gives me the reason to believe that BIO SPH with its wide range of effect is an irreplaceable guardian of the complete health, and therefore of the human life.

Statement from Gordana D. Skopje:
Changes are visible fully and positively. Eased reading, dizziness reduced, swells completely gone. I can breathe easier in all rooms, dream peacefully (real relaxation), pot flowers have become live again and grow faster, like in the old apartment.
My conclusion is that it would be impossible to live and act in there rooms without the device.

Statement from Mence I. Skopje:
I am extremely satisfied with the neutralizer. It helped to a great extent to slow down the process of carcinoma. My sleeping became better. I would recommend to anyone who wants to protect their health to check his home for bad radiations and effects of underground waters and to protect themselves with this extraordinary device.

Statement from Lozana Z. Skopje:
Before the device, there was a tense and nervous atmosphere in the house, my son got high blood pressure, the daughter became allergic to all medications, I had three tumour and cist operations.
When we got the neutralizer, the house had a pleasant atmosphere and all the family members felt relaxed, slept a lot better. Morning hangovers, headaches and depression vanished. Working conditions got better. Regular therapy plus the neutralizer helped the regularly appearing cists and tumours to vanish. It is easy to see that my whole mental stability has improved.
Everything which I have just numbered justifies the neutralizers’ use and the effect for which I am really very grateful.

Statement from Lile S. Skopje:
We feel much better and healthier since we have had the neutralizer in the house. When I wake up in the morning I have no headaches, no difficulties, no vertigos, and all the family generally feel better.
I have not been to a doctor for 3 years since we have this neutralizer at home.

These as well as many other statements from users of BIO SPH have been received in writing and are kept in files so that everyone can see them for verification at any time.

And many other.......